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October 9, 2019

Throughout history, only the rich and select few had access to financial services and the tools available to multiply their wealth. KoinStreet is an attempt to bridge the wealth gap in our society by empowering traders, investors and the everyday people all around the world. KoinStreet will unlock financial services and products that everyday people never had access to previously. The development of blockchain technology paved a path for many applications that are set to change how the world interacts with one another. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube have created peer to peer transactional networks. There is a large knowledge gap in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Not many are well versed in this rising digital world, paving a clear path of opportunity for the implementation of a new platform, KoinStreet. KoinStreet is the evolution of digital communication through the unity of financial and social bridges. We are democratizing access to financial asset management, bringing Wall Street to KoinStreet.

The Problems?

  • Currently the blockchain world lacks a central platform that appeals to traders, investors, media and content creators resulting in information asymmetry making it difficult for newcomers and the OG’s alike to keep up with the digital asset industry. Unlike Wall Street, the digital assets market functions 24/7 365 days a year, making it difficult for anyone to keep an eye on the market at all times.
  • For new traders and hedge funds, there is no way for them to scale their trading operations and attract to make more money from successful trading strategies. An expert trader or a hedge fund faces a huge barrier of entry to become a fund manager in traditional finance, and has to go through many layers to ever help others make money.
  • The average everyday investor wants to capitalize on the emerging market but lacks the time, knowledge and skills to make sufficient profit, and sometimes ends up losing money due to lack of experience.

KoinStreet creates an effective low barrier of entry for both investors and traders, striving to create a seamless copy trading environment usable by anyone, no matter their location.

What is it?

KoinStreet is a social trading network where investors can copy profitable traders’ portfolios in real-time, empowering anyone and everyone in the process and unlocking financial services that was not possible before. KoinSreet aggregates top cryptocurrency exchange data (such as Coinbase, Binance, etc.) and news from trusted sources (such as Coindesk, BTC Inc, etc.) in a centralized location. This enables anyone to make better trading decisions/strategies, openly curate and share ideas, and attract investors to copy their further monetize. KoinStreet’s future will consist of other assets such as stocks, and not be limited to cryptocurrencies.

How it works?

Investors mimic Traders through copy-trade smart contracts which possess the power to create decentralized funds where anyone can have an income by sharing their trading strategies. By utilizing Exchange API’s, investors and traders can maintain control of their own funds, at all times, making KoinStreet a non-custodial platform

The copy trading aspect is crucial to the function of KoinStreet. Users can log into their profile and connect to their preferred exchange. Investors can follow and connect with a desired trader, in addition to this, they have the ability to set a limit to how much they are willing to lose if this occurs. Traders can login to their trader profile and create a following to attract future investors. While traders are on the KoinStreet platform their trades are executed through the desired exchange of the investor. KoinStreet utilizes smart-contracts to enable both parties to maintain trust-less relationships, as blockchain is used to leverage security and transparency. This idea that investors don’t have to have extensive knowledge in trading is crucial, as it creates a bridge between those who are experts in trading, and allows both parties to benefit in a transparent and secure manner, harnessing the power of the blockchain and breaking free from the enclosed financial system.

Investors can copy Traders by sending funds to an escrow contract that holds the funds until the copy trade contract expires. Traders are users that are being copied by Investors and receive payments from the escrow contract only if their trading strategy was profitable during the duration of the copy-trade contract. Traders compete in a gamified ecosystem, that encourages competition through a leveling (ranking) system that includes different achievements and titles.

The KASH Token

The KoinStreet ecosystem is fueled by its native cryptocurrency, the KASH token. Both traders and Investors that use KASH tokens for copy-trade contacts receive 50% discount on copy-trade fee. Investors can copy traders with KASH and receive 5% of the fee back as an incentive if they pay with KASH tokens. Traders that accept KASH tokens get to keep more money from the fee. The best traders will be rewarded with KASH tokens, as an incentive to continue leveling up. Users are also encouraged to curate ideas and share valuable content by being incentivized through KASH tokens.

KoinStreet is the future of digital assets, it aims to improve financial global communication utilizing blockchain technology.

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