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We Make It Easy For Anyone to Make Money
KoinStreet is Democratizing Access to Financial Assets and Bringing Digital Assets to the World.

We Began with a Belief in Decentralized and Incentivized Systems

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) enables a better economy.

Throughout history, only the rich had access to financial services and the tools available to multiply their wealth. KoinStreet is an attempt to bridge the wealth gap in our society by empowering traders, investors and the everyday people all around the world. KoinStreet will unlock financial services and products that everyday people never had access to previously.

Popular social networks are corrupt and prey on their users.

The development of blockchain technology paved a path for many applications that are set to change how the world interacts with one another. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube have created peer to peer transactional networks, but they mistreat their users even though the users provide all of the value to the network. In fact user data is regularly being stolen and sold to the highest bidders.

There's a major gap in the blockchain industry preventing growth.

There is a large knowledge gap in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Not many are well versed in this rising digital world, paving a clear path of opportunity for the implementation of a new platform. KoinStreet is the evolution of digital communication through the unity of financial and social bridges. We are democratizing access to financial asset management, bringing Wall Street to the digital age, KoinStreet.

We are a team of passionate crypto enthusiasts who believe blockchain will change the world.
Will you join us on our journey?

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You don't have to dream about making money with digital assets - join KoinStreet and you can take part in the digital revolution with the rest of the world.

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