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KoinStreet is a Reward Based Social Investment Network
We aim to make Digital Assets easier by solving the problems faced by users as the industry tries to scale.
Fear of Risk and Lack of Education


Over 70% of people won't buy into crypto because they Lack Education and have a Fear of Risk
Survey conducted with general assembly

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Share news, videos, trends, and stories with the community
Manage your portfolio from any exchange in one place
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Copy professional traders in real time as easily as ordering an Uber
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Who we are

KoinStreet believes once people experience a financial upside to digital assets they're more likely to learn about and engage with the underlying blockchain technology. Driving mass adoption of the market.

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Answering the Most Commonly Googled Questions About Bitcoin
Oct 9, 2019

Everyone has a ton of questions about blockchain and bitcoin but now that the early market adopters have moved on to more complex ideas there’s a lack of consistent educational content that has left new comers to the industry still wondering about the simple questions.

What is the Bitcoin Halving and Why Does it Matter?
Oct 9, 2019

If you’ve been involved with Bitcoin or have Googled it in recent times you’ll notice a trend of people referencing the halving. With the 630,000th block scheduled for May 2020 the difficulty to mine bitcoin will double pushing a lot of miners out of profitability. The inflation rate will also reduce to 6.25 Bitcoin every 10 minutes

KoinStreet: The Hub of Digital Assets
Oct 9, 2019

KoinStreet is an attempt to bridge the wealth gap in our society by empowering traders, investors and the everyday people all around the world. KoinStreet will unlock financial services and products that everyday people never had access to previously.

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